Robert Letts MA RCA


 Robert Letts, founder of Creative Care Design, has had a long and varied career in interior design, television and sustainability. After helping make a TV series many years ago for BBC2 about the issues facing elderly people, including some going into care, he decided that one day he would try and introduce a different and better model of care design to the UK, one based on the modern Scandinavian design principles that he had much admired in Denmark whilst making the series.

Today, with a family run design team based in Norfolk in the UK, Robert is on a mission to make care homes better places to live in by improving their interior design with what are quite often simple changes, but ones that can make a world of difference with good lighting, warm wood floors, bright walls, strong textiles and colourful art on the walls.

Who said everyone in a care home has to look at reproductions of old paintings? Why not an Andy Warhol print of Marilyn Monroe? After all, todays care home residents grew up listening to Rock & Roll…